Leaving Minds Edge - Film


A Pure Art Film is a movie that tells the story of an artist's (or collection of artists) true life journey towards creating their craft. Which is then followed by a series of visually stunning clips of the artists work synchronized to emotion evoking symphonic music.

Leaving Minds Edge is a true story of personal triumph and suffering with timely  confidence and character building undertones, one of the first Stress-Relief films ever created, and a tribute to the beauty of Trailer Music and Glass Artists across the world all wrapped into one. 

Creator, Sean M. Giliberti, has spent 6 years perfecting his craft after inventing the Treasure Tank in 2010, refusing to go public with it until recently when his methods were finally up to his stringent standards. This film (in production since 2013) tells how a vicious battle with infertility was the catalyst for creating a chaotic art form that self balances.

Through the collaboration with popular trailer musicians  like Epic Score among others, Sean tells stories that give new  meaning to Liquid Cinema as each song is carefully constructed  visually like a puzzle, using state of the art 4K footage. And will be one of the worlds first interactive films.

Why a 2030 Release Date?

This film has several goals that is making this movie very time consuming to film. For one, it is designed to be interactive in a special way with the audience (how is obviously a closely held secret for now). It will also be one of the first films whose primary goal of success, is to donate a significant portion of it's profits towards several charities, among them their own charity. 

Sean is also out to prove that technology has upgraded so quickly, as well as economically, that you can learn how to do nearly anything with Google searches, a 3D Printer, and the Adobe Creative Cloud. So he aims to prove this theory by learning how to direct, film, and edit a entire feature length film by himself that meets or exceeds the high entertainment value of today's viewers, but also for ACE (the American Cinema Editors guild), who is the golden standard for editing in the film industry.

Another reason for the extended release date is due to the amount of shots needed to compose each segment. Sean realizes that he can't just show the same things over and over, and action films take about 3 times the amount of shots as the average film. 

Leaving Minds Edge will consist of four 10 minute Art Concerts, containing 3000-5000 different clips.  Because of the need for so many shots, there will also be four different Treasure Tanks built for the film.  Each tank will take a year to build and another year to film. That's eight years right there.

Ultimately, his success, or his failure, is sure to do one thing....

"it will inspire others to do it bigger and better, and that's what I can't wait to see".