Within 25 years I will establish societies first Moral Compass Museum named "The World Salvation Center".  It's main purpose is to improve lives from a mental standpoint through dynamic spaces that combine stress-relief art with the latest technology.


This will be an extensive, cutting edge center that mixes Contemporary Art with lessons of Civility and Confidence. Focusing on quality over quantity, each room will feature a focal piece of art linked with personal life hacks which are based off of Barrie Davenport's "36 Ways To Become Irresistibly Attractive".  Each tier will be tailored to specific age groups allowing learning at every stage of life. Licensed Art Therapists will be on hand for autistic and highly sensitive persons, and a certified teaching staff will deliver these life exercises which are designed to help us all become more efficient and virtuous. Attached to the center, a children's home will provide the youth with a unique opportunity to learn and grow. 


When I was a child of the 80's, while my Father worked, my Mother stayed home and taught me right from wrong. However, in the 21st Century, most families have two working parents, leaving little time to properly show a child how life should be lived.  It's becoming apparent that if America is going to fortify itself as a country that commands a strong moral compass, its society must learn true compassion. Sound logic should be cherished, and emotion must be focused in the right direction. Only then can we begin to trust in one another. 


The magnitude of this project makes it an expensive endeavor, however, I am committed to funding this venture on my own. This means it will have to be accomplished in several stages.  The first step in raising the required funds is bringing my personal art to a point where it is worthy of the public eye. My patented Treasure Tanks and Liquid Therapy Lamps have gone through a dramatic evolution since their invention in 2010. Currently these pieces of living art are in the final stages of re-development.  One third of the funds will come from these operations. 


Another third of the funds will be earned from my personal income until my retirement in 2038. Concurrently, this provides me the time for research and analysis on the project as a whole. This also allows me the opportunity to build my network with key individuals, the City of Pittsburgh, and the US government.


The final third will come from a full length Feature Film. Production started in 2013 and is slated for completion around 2032, will be divided into two parts.


The first part of the movie is my true life story as it unfolds. Turmoil in my childhood strengthened my resolve.  Wise and caring parents have molded my common sense and compassion for others.  However, it was marriage that guided me toward my destiny.  For 5 years, my wife Jamie and I, battled infertility. The overwhelming sense of helplessness turned into a burning passion to do something to relieve stress and anxiety. This was the driving force that fueled my art as a source of visual enlightenment.


The second part of the film is the result of these life experiences. It is the Art Concert. This new age version of a Pink Floyd laser light show will consist of four 12-minute segments comprised of nearly 3,000 independent clips. Each clip will be intentionally and specifically made using four museum-quality Treasure Tanks currently being built.  Masterful symphonic music will be purposefully combined with each segment, creating a release from the stress, built up by design, in the first part of the film.


The focus of this endeavor has shifted from personal success to the desire to reinforce a greater global reality. Since the late 90's, a world of information has been at our fingertips.  In addition, it has become easy to personally connect with the worlds greatest minds.The ability to become educated on anything you desire is upon us.  Tools such as the Adobe Creative Cloud and 3-D printing, in conjunction with time and motivation, have allowed the gap between the educated and uneducated to be balanced. This is proven in myself through the writing, directing, filming, acting, and editing of a 4K Motion Picture when beginning at a place of no practical knowledge or experience.


The proceeds generated will be the down payment on my vision for a better world. I believe truly meaningful art comes from the compassion for something. 


Sean M. Giliberti

Founder and CEO of The World Salvation Center